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Manual Diamond Hone Knife & Scissors Sharpener

It is essential that you follow these instructions to achieve optimum results. You have selected the world s first professional compact knife and scissors sharpener, invented and made in the U. The EdgeCraft KS includes an assortment of accessories to meet a wide range of sharpening needs.

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To get the most from your new compact sharpener please follow these instructions. The sharpener is shown at upper left Figure 1 with the Fine grit diamond pad in place on top of the sharpener.

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That abrasive pad, held in place by a magnetic strip not shown recessed under the pad, can be removed and stored in the compartment under the sharpener. The sharpener shown in the upper right is turned over to show the open storage compartment on its underside with the compartment cover removed.

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There are two 2 different diamond coated pads, Coarse and Fine. The Fine grit pad has a ruled groove along its length on the diamond coated side in order that it can be readily identified. The Coarse nail fungus start stage kezében pad is ungrooved. The abrasive pads held in place on top of the sharpener by the built-in magnet can be removed from the magnet with a finger nail or by inverting the sharpener and tapping it lightly on the table.

There are three 3 differently colored Scissors Sharpener Angle Guides.

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Follow the Detailed Instructions carefully to insure perfect results. Knives are sharpened first with medium diamond abrasives in Stage 1 then with fine diamond abrasives in Stage 2. The sharpening angle in both stages is precisely controlled by roller angle guides Fig. First, familiarize yourself with the parts of the sharpener Fig. Always start with a clean knife. Nail fungus start stage kezében the sharpener on a flat surface, near the edge of a table or other secure work surface.

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Hold nail fungus start stage kezében sharpener with fingers safely behind the Guard Rib and place the blade in Stage 1: the slot nearest to the Guard Rib Fig. Make sure the blade leans firmly against the roller guides.

Without any downward pressure, move the blade back and forth in the Stage 1 slot until the blade is sharp.

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Keep your eyes on the roller guides; one or both should turn as you pull the knife back and forth to ensure the knife is at the correct angle.

Both sides of the edge will be sharpened at the same time. Next, place the knife in the Stage 2 slot, Figure 4 making sure the blade leans firmly against the roller guides and repeat the back and forth movement to refine and further sharpen the edge.

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Usually, only 25 back-and-forth strokes are needed in Stage 1 and about 5 back-and forth strokes in Stage 2. It is important to keep the blade in contact with the knife roller guides at all times and apply little to no downward pressure on the blade.

If the knife is not sharp enough, repeat the steps described above for both Stages Guard Rib 1 and 2. If left-handed, reverse hands. Just remember to start sharpening in the slot nearest the handle Stage Knife Stage 1 Sharpening 1. You won t need any sharpening oils, Medium lubricants, water or other liquids. Stage Figure 2: Knife sharpener parts. Figure 4: Sharpening in Stage 2.

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Always keep fingers behind the guard rib. Handle the sharpened knives with care - - they can be extremely sharp! It also features a magnetic holder on the handle See Figure 2 so sharpening pads can be easily interchanged.

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Their use is described below. Diamond Abrasive Sharpening Pads The Chef schoice KS with the coarse diamond abrasive pad mounted on top of the handle can be used as a sharpening stone to presharpen extremely dull knives, before sharpening them in the two-stage sharpening section.

Put the sharpener on a secure work surface.

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Hold by the two-stage sharpening section not the handle! Position the knife blade at about a 20 angle to the pad See Figure 6.

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Pull the blade in a smooth motion away from the edge. Use only light pressure. Alternate sides, sharpening one side of the edge then the other. Continue until the edge is reasonably sharp.

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Then use the twostage sharpening section to produce a razor-sharp edge. Diamonds cansharpen any material, including stainless steel alloys and tool steel. The coarse diamond abrasive pad mounted on the model KS can also be used like a file to sharpen hatchets and other cutting tools Fig. Figure 5: Auxiliary coarse pad on handle and fine diamond pad. Figure 6: Pre-sharpening a knife with coarse pad: correct angle and motion.

Figure 7: Sharpening an axe with the coarse pad.

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Push the point of the hook along the bottom of the groove moving away from the point Fig. This fine grit pad can also presharpen knives before sharpening in the two-stage sharpening section. Storage Compartment The Chef nail fungus start stage kezében KS feature a handle storage compartment to hold sharpening pads, personal accessories, fishhooks, line cutters and even small pocket knives!

Figure 8: Using the fishhook sharpening pad: correct motion.

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Figure 9: Storage Compartment. Scissors Sharpening The Chef schoice Model KS is designed to also sharpen scissors to professional standards, simply and easily. It can put an exceptionally sharp edge on your kitchen, household, sewing, and arts and crafts scissors. There are several distinctly different types of scissors, consequently, it is important to completely read these instructions to optimize your sharpening results.

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