Seascape 18 – Performance simplified

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Kiemelt célunk, hogy Magyarországon is megalakuljon önálló osztályként a Seascape 18 OD. Célunk eléréséhez szeretnénk hozzájárulni azzal, hogy az első 8 hajó árából jelentős 7-12% kedvezményt tudunk biztosítani. A konkrét árakhoz kérem, tekintse meg kedvezményes árlistánkat.

Seascape 18 OD Nettó €19 600-tól

Seascape stands for simple, accessible, exhilarating fun

Experience the best sailing you’ve ever had or start building your sailing pedigree aboard one of Europe’s fastest growing sailing classes. The Seascape18 was born from singlehanded ocean racing experience and rethinked to deliver the same sensations on a tame, accessible, easy to handle sailing boat. With almost 300 boats sold worldwide and the title of European Yacht of the Year 2010, Seascape18 is as versatile as it gets, successfully combining more aspects of sailing than any other boat of its size. Seascape18 delivers hi-tech racing-world solutions, but only in areas where fun or safety can be improved. Mast, boom, bowsprit and tiller tubes are in carbon fiber, sails are contemporary self-depowering square top shaped, made of laminate cloth. Combined with the Seascape One Design circuit, she ensures an accessible, exciting and fun platform for everyone, from family crews to Olympic sailors.

Technikai leírás

Length (LOA)5,50 m
Beam2,37 m
Draft1,5 m / 0,15 m
Displacement500 kg
Sail area23 m²
Nautical designManuard YD